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Radiant Pantry, Home and Body Detox
This comprehensive and enlightening program is held over 2, 90 minute sessions. Designed to educate and remove toxins from your food, home and beauty routine while offering you safe and sustainable swaps, you’ll never miss you old toxic cleaners and body lotions - ever! I’ll teach you to become a label detective and recognise which ingredients are harming your health and the correlation between the two. We’ll talk about your health and how broken sleep, headaches, hard to shift weight and other symptoms could relate to what chemicals, toxins and mould are in your home - and what to do about it. Together we’ll make up powerful non toxic cleaners that are economical, easy and kind on our health & environment. I’ll farewell you with a detoxing snack, handouts, web links, podcasts, recipes and the best local shopping to support the ongoing health for you and your family.
  • be empowered to make small changes with a big health impact for your home, kitchen and body health
  • discover how toxins in all cleaners & body products affect our mood, gut health and brain
  • be introduced to luxurious body care products & make up that don’t stress your body
  • help resolve allergies, skin issues, asthma, headaches, joint pain, hard to shift weight and distributive sleep in a non toxic home
  • discover how greenwashing is misleading and how to cut through the jargon
  • interactive and hands on session
  • relevant for all families and especially those with babies and young children
  • $350 for 2 sessions
Customised programs, harnessing
the strength of your bio-individuality, to help you
achieve your health goals and make sustainable
changes to your long-term wellbeing.
A customised cooking workshop held in the convenience of your home to help you become a modern cook.
Learn to be a label detective, break down marketing jargon and select the most nutritious options.
For wholesale
enquiries please email [email protected]

Contact Sandy

I’d love to talk more with you about how wholefoods can heal you from the inside out. Please feel free to email me your details with a brief outline of your concerns and I’ll get back to you.
Alternatively, you can call me on 0439 976 106